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Day Trip: 10th March 2017

After being back in Cape Town (returning from London & Paris) for less than 2 weeks the urge to travel had returned.

Male Model South Africa

It’s often discredited how beautiful the country you are in is, unless you take the time to actively appreciate & explore it.

Male Model South Africa

With it already decided to make these travel articles a more regular occurrence I decided to start locally, with Caledon, a small town less than 2 hours out of Cape Town renowned for it’s hot springs.

Male Model South Africa

Truthfully, it really doesn’t have a lot going on, but for that very reason it makes for the perfect day trip.

Male Model South Africa

After quick walk around the town & grabbing a hot but of java, headed to the Botanical Gardens which were a pleasant surprise & definitely worth a visit.

Male Model South Africa

Headed to the main feature of this little town, the hot springs & spent the greater part of a gorgeous Friday soaking up the African Rays & the mineral rich waters of Caledon.

Male Model South Africa

Cheers Caledon, thanks for a great afternoon Male Model South Africa
- Matt Ross

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