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DATE: Thursday, 14th December 2017.
LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa.

On Friday, 8th September 2017 I released Episode 20 of my Daily Vlogs onto youtube called: I'M BROKE, IN DEBT & SLEEPING ON A COUCH.

The video spoke several truths, namely that by choosing to pursue my goal of becoming the most influential male model who has ever stepped foot out of Cape Town, South Africa I have incurred debt, am sleeping on a family member’s pull out couch & living very simply while hustling to make the aforementioned happen.

I would definitely recommend giving it a watch (see below), it is one of the highest viewed videos on my Channel to date & provides a lot more context visually.

Male Model South Africa

I decided to write this article because many I know & I have 0 doubt that many reading this, fear a situation that they are not currently in.
One of lessor financial means, fewer things, less certainty etc.

I am the exact same!
It is important to remember though that the imagined worse case is often not nearly as bad as it seems & the most effective way to kill the fear is to place yourself in that situation as quickly as possible so you can experience it & realise that it’s workable.
You will often surprise yourself with how adaptive/resourceful you can be.

To elaborate, at the time of writing this article, my entire life exists in my family member’s lounge.
My place to sleep (their pull out couch), all my clothes, my office (a desk in the lounge) & my gym (I train on the floor.)

Male Model South Africa

With all that taken into consideration I have never been happier or achieving more success in my career with over 15 000 Followers across 5 Platforms, having shot for Samsung, Martini & Rossi, Twenty 4 Fashion, Allianz Insurance & many other huge international brands.

I am not saying all of the above to be boastful, I am trying to highlight that work ethic, hustle & action amount to more value than stuff.

With that being said, I am empathetic to the urge/pressure for things, I am increasingly more aware of it considering the Industry I am in.

However, results are results & the fact that I worked at a second hand desk (pictured below) which cost me R300 (roughly $22) doesn’t take away my results.
It doesn’t take away my 15 000+ followers, the campaigns I have shot, the television adverts I have starred in.
It takes nothing away.

The things (fancy whip, new kicks, bling) only has the value we give to it.

Male Model South Africa

So, moving forward into 2018, it is my sincere hope that every single one of you can jump into your worse case scenario, that you will no longer being hindered by an excuse, that you will kill your fear, & begin executing immediately on the things that matter, on your long term goals.

Male Model South Africa

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I sincerely hope it added value!

Your attention is earnestly appreciated!

- Matt Ross

P.S. Be sure to follow the journey as it happens on the DAILY VLOG & social media platforms.
See you in the comment section!

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